Monday, August 31, 2009

short stories with long titles

there is a place in my town, i guess, now i think about it there would be one in every town. in mine its a public toilet in a park. a place were men go to get fucked.

i like to sit on the hill and watch them come and go. i wonder if they even know eachothers name? i dont judge them by anymeans, in fact to think of it I almost respect them. i never really had the confidence to meet new people.
I wonder if they ever fall in love with each other, if they meet their sole mates on the floor of the Queens Park bathroom? I wonder if i will ever find my sole mate? if one day while sitting on the hill he will walk into the toilet, and we will ride off into the sunset together?
I work at a privet primary school where the children have more money than i do. i wonder if they know about the place in their town where men go to get fucked? i hope they dont. its ment to be a seacret. just from them. and me i guess,
maybe we look for secrets because we are unable to deal with ourselves. when i told my parents i was gay they couldnt even look at me. i had only told them the truth, was that so selfish? our integrity sells for so little, but it is the last inch of us, the very end. but in that inch we are free.
the men who pray by public toilets i also find are free. they never seem to run out of options, they never aim to high. i wish i was happy enough with what i have, let alone what i am given.


  1. love your blog! really nice to read.

  2. love your writings, your blog, everything.

  3. I want to have hot, sweaty sex with you.