Sunday, March 22, 2009

why i feel like a pea drench in the soup of life

I have to confess I loathe my generation [I was born in 1990] and have always looked to people older than me for solace; and now that I have grown older I acknowledge the younger generation is one to be reckoned with. Its just most people born between January 1983 and December 1990 are just a waste of time. Of course there are expectations, ive got friends of my age group, but well, lets not be picky, shall we? I’m here to make a point. See I’ve been thru different social contexts, from French provincial suburban west end types to “hip & Trendy” Birdy Num Num” boredom types and ive come to the ultimate conclusion that something wrong happened.

Too young to be baby boomers, first-time punks, provos, situationists, fluxus, punks, new wavers or whatever, we grew up in the worst decade ever, the 80’s, only to enter and even lamer decade, the 90’s. my “ge-ge-generation” is just a watered down version of the previous one, with more political correctness and conservatism disguised as pseudo-transgressism added to the mix.
Lets get more precise – my main trouble came with my current and relative recent place of residence, my Brisbane generation, I am being raised in the post-discriminate utopia that everybody was born equally-talented as an artist and fashion designer. When did this shit happen – im sorry Brisbane I love but for the sake your and baby Jesus’ mental health I need you to realise just because your under 30 or have a bob hair cut dose not give u the right to call yourself and artist. Kay?

I still remain positive through all this however although I do believe that the sooner QAG’s community art program dies in a car crash so horrific it causes a ban on all motor vehicles the happier art will be. Im all for helping the little man, unless that little man is missing his left arm and right foot which in turn is compelling him to create art.
Again I am really positive about people who were teenagers through the 80’s, they have far more style and sharpness than the bleak outlook for those assigned to my crew. Admittedly their music is a little over hyped and not the most aesthetically pleasing.... .....but all the same if you were looking trouble and your about 19 enjoy Radiohead, Bjork and Camille. You came to the right place.

Yours in Christ


  1. I agree with a lot of this,
    and think it was a travesty to be born in 1990.
    But on a positive note, I see myself as from a seperate generation from another planet.
    It makes life a little less bleak, although it is still VERY bleak.

    tehehe notice how i saiddd queeer.
    god im funny.

    im da poor man so mathhew is my gail.

  3. I was born in 1991, but I feel your pain!